a wide range of poultry supplies for small and large flocks.

Ascott has a wide range of feeders and drinkers, as well as feeds and supplements to keep your flock healthy. If you are rearing your own birds, we have the equipment you'll need to incubate eggs and help your chicks through their first weeks.

We have a comprehensive range of egg boxes and trays in a variety of colours and sizes suitable for hen, quail, duck and goose eggs. For those selling their eggs, we have egg stamps and labels that can be personalised.

  • Housing & Runs

    Housing & Runs

    The correct chicken house is almost as important as your own. Wooden are the tr.. Read More

  • Feeders


    Feeders come in an array of shapes and sizes, plastic or galvanised.

    We have.. Read More

  • Drinkers


    Drinkers a must for all smallholders, they come in lots of different sizes so ev.. Read More

  • Poultry Processing

    Poultry Processing

    It’s never easy saying goodbye, so we have tried to make it as simple as possi.. Read More

  • Books


    Books are always a great source of information. We have a selection of books to.. Read More